Janeva Faircloth is a NSCAD graduate in Interdisciplinary media; majoring in Photography, Film, and Craft. Janeva is from Toronto but travels in Canada as much as possible. 

In the summer, Janeva sells watercolours, drawings, photos and embroidered pieces in craft markets in northern Ontario, and likes to explore surrounding areas in her downtime. 

Janeva's work tends to focus on in depth studies of nature and its complex relationship with human infringement.  Her work also studies her own perception of femininity and womanhood, and deals with her outward image as a female artist. 

This past summer Janeva traveled down the American west coast taking photos with her honey, which are currently available to view here! 



e-mail: janevafaircloth@gmail.com

instagram: @janevaaf

Facebook: Janeva Faircloth